Goa, going, gone.

“Long after you leave India, India will still be with you”

  Hi everyone, how are you all and what has been keeping you busy (let us know in the comments). 
It’s already time for us to update you on what the terrible trio have been getting up to whilst staying the trippy southern region of Goa. We are currently on a 12 hour train journey (supposedly) headed north to Mumbai, so I guess I should use this time wisely as we wave goodbye to beautiful Goa. I would just like to add here that we are travelling third class, and it’s pretty much great except for the slightly more cramped quarters, so if anyone is coming to India and thinking of using the amazing train system, do not feel like you have to go first class. Second and third are a lot cheaper and very comfortable.

Train Life

 Right, so the last time you heard from us, we were also on a train journey, from Kochi in Kerala to Calengute in Goa. That journey was another story completely, 17 hours of the unknown, but we did make it to our lovely hostel at around 7am, and passed out in the common room until check in at 12pm. There was a little excursion to the nearest cafe for my coffee fix and Jazzs cheese fix, however we were left disgruntled with the outcome of weak Nescafé with a floating shrimp/cockroach in my pot. I still drank it because THIS IS INDIA.

Essentially, our time spent in the beach resort of Calengute was nothing short of amazing. Although the beaches there were the most crowded place ever,rivalling the Mecca pilgrimage, they were still beautiful and we finally got some colour…Jazz can now be mistaken for a local and we eagerly await the moment where this can be put to use.This was our first stay in a hostel of the trip and we met some lovely lovely people who we spent our entire time with and now have many a great tale to tell. The people really do make the place.
So…Goa…. Probably best known as the 90’s hippy party capital, and I really can’t say that a lot has changed. On our first night we were persuaded to head down to Anjuna beach (v famous?!?!) where we had to follow a group of locals down a cliff until a miriad of insanity came in to view. The best description I can give is imagining the stereotypical literal form of an ‘acid rave’spread across about 3 bars/clubs on the beach. Neon everything, heavy trance music, many dazed eyed fist pumpers. Perhaps not our usual vibe but it was fun to pretend for a bit and thus I covered myself and anyone else close enough to reach in neon paint…because that is what you do when taking hallucinogens apparently (don’t worry parents, it’s all a ruse). A great night.

Perhaps our favourite part of our trip here was going to Club Cabana for LADIES NIGHT (Ksmith you would be in your element). This place was straight out of a film set, a gorgeous open top bar and club built into the side of a cliff. They played western music instead of just solid trance/Bollywood top 40 and the bonus of free entry and free drinks all night?@!?@!@ which made for three happy all be it slightly wobbly gals. Take us back!


Our days here were often spent in a ‘Old Monk’ hole…old monk, being the local rum that’s costs £2.40 for 75cl, which I think explains it all. However, between crawling out if this hole and going to the beaches , we did actually manage to do some sightseeing, so for those heads that are hanging slightly in pity for us Western girls who embark to travel the world just for a massive piss up, fear not, we visited the town of Old Goa which was truly lovely. There were lots and lots of very pretty churches, mostly built during Portugals hold over the country all of those years ago. This is pretty much as historical as we got; Goa is great but its main pull are the parties and beaches, not the benevolent.


Leaving Calengute was a sad time for us as we had to say goodbye to our first real travelling *fwends*. We decided to head south in Goa to get some rest and relaxation before the real madness begun. So we have spent the last 5 night at a place called Agonda. Can I hear you say BEAUTIFUL. Perfect beaches, clear sea, staying in huts right on the beach and lovely lovely people (although this goes for he whole of India). 

 We remained horizontal for most of our time here and just relaxed.

I think I already miss Goa, as I lay here thinking about the mayhem and chaos that we will be exposed to in about 5 hours (supposedly). Although, I am slightly worried as I just overheard Jazz saying she’s going on a gin only diet and is going to marry Cordy off to a maharaja to ensure its all free. I’m sure that plan will go swimmingly, however, it’s now time for us to get stuck in and experience, for lack of a better phrase ‘real India’, so stay tuned for our low down on Mumbai and onwards. Secretly I already made the girls promise that we can go to Starbucks first thing tomorrow morning, so I guess ‘real India’ can wait a bit longer.



2 thoughts on “Goa, going, gone.

  1. Well what can I say, went for a coffee at M&S this eve and the car park has been covered in salt, think we are going to get a frost, so enjoy the heat girls coz it freezing over here !! 😦 have fun being tourists in Mumbai and no getting lost in Dharavi, could take you days to find your way out again !! 🙂 x x x


  2. Hello! I have been avidly reading your blog. Not sure that I could be as brave as you – but what a fabulous trip – so far!
    Back in Blighty, it is freezing cold and no chance of a tan! Took a few days out and flew to Seville with my sisters to celebrate a birthday. You realise that you are getting older when one of my sisters was seriously contemplating buying slippers to walk in as her feet were aching! It didn’t stop her flirting with the Spanish police though and claiming that she was a naughty girl, whilst offering her hands to be cuffed!!
    Looking forward to your next update and Jazz, watch out for wild pigs!! Sally xxxxx


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