Varkala, Valentine’s and a new update


Happy Valentine’s
‘Live with no excuses and travel with no regrets.’

Sorry about the slight delay, here’s a run down of what we’ve been up to before we hit Goa…

Perched on the top of a cliff Varkala is a slice of paradise with all the trinkets, clothes, incense, sheets and tat that would keep us entertained for the next few days. With a white sandy beach full of parasols and dogs that would also provide much amusement during our stay.

Varkala Beach
Jazz and New Pal

It must be noted that our first day in Varkala was cut short for one member of the team who blossomed into the elephant man in 0-10 minutes having been burnt the previous day and then exposing themselves to the sun. Oh Cordy. Off she trotted, swollen face in hands, back to the room to apply a cold compress and a tonne of sudocreme. As new hardcore travellers, Jess and I were able to get ourselves back out into the sun and enjoy the rest of the day before going back to assess the damaged goods that was Cordelia Lamble. 

Flexible Felicity
One of the mornings we took a yoga class on top of the roof of our hostel with a lovely (perhaps boneless) gentleman, called Joseph. He put himself into positions I thought only possible with the help of Photoshop. 2 hours later I would like to say we were pretty much pros, after Joseph made a point of trying to put Jess into positions she did not know possible, bend Cordy’s arms into positions that actually weren’t possible and helped me do a headstand. We are ready for the circus! Or maybe just another class..

We were sad to leave Varkala as it had become our little sanctuary in comparison to the hectic and perhaps hellish Trivandrum. 


Packed and ready to go we headed for the train station in hopes of an easy trip to our next destination; Alleppey. Alas, nothing is ever that easy over here. The train guard informed us no direct trains were going to Alleppey today. No need to panic, we had a plan b, get to Kollam and we could catch a ferry, what a delightful backup! Arrival at Kollam boat jetty was met with the terrible news we had missed the ferry.. But it’s okay, we were opposite the bus station.. Plan c it was! 


Alleppey was an odd place. Everything was half finished including the buildings and roads. Our room here was pretty cute, apart from being right on by beach so sand came right up to the doorstep. As lovely as this is, sand in the bed, the bathroom, EVERYWHERE, does get a little tiresome, and gritty. 

There wasn’t too much that inspired us here, so we decided to grab a boat and explore the backwaters. The ‘Venice of the East’ as it is known over here, perhaps not the description we would have gone for, but if it makes them happy! Highlights of boat trip; 1 eagle, 3 coconuts, 1 dead snake, 1 dead rat. This ‘Venice’ left a lot to be desired!


Alleppey backwaters
No words for this one…
Another new pal…
Next stop; Kochi. We had a (nearly) faultless trip getting here! Nothing had been cancelled and we didn’t miss our stop! Apart from being on the wrong bus at the station and nearly heading back to Varkala.. I don’t think any of us would have complained to be honest.

We’re staying in Fort Kochi, which is on the other side of the port and much more peaceful than the main town! It also has little western hubs to comfort us like the art cafe which we welcomed with open arms and empty bellies. A great change from curry, curry and more curry! 

Although it’s only small here, it has lots of little places to visit so we made a day of excursions for ourselves; the Jain temple, the Dutch Palace, Jew Town and the ‘beach’. A very loose term for the litter strewn sands.


Comfortable there Cords?!
As 3 white girls we seem to draw a lot of attention! As much as we all love this and can’t really deny it, it does get a little tedious taking pictures with every man, woman and child. One woman tried to give me her child to get a snap for the album, luckily the child and I were thinking the same thing and it screamed in my face and saved us both. Scary white woman, soz bout me! 


Practically famous
Spent today visiting Athiraphilly waterfalls which were beautiful, and of course, as everything is over here, very hot and sweaty! After a bit of rock climbing and terrible photography from me we decided to get out of the sweltering heat and locate our now missing tuktuk driver, who we soon discovered was passed out on the back seats of the tuktuk, and head back to Kochi. Had to go in several shops on the way back so our driver could get free fuel from the shops (used and abused for our whiteness, but meant we had a super cheap trip!). 


Valentines in India
Athiraphilly Waterfalls
Treated ourselves to some henna ..

Our last morning in Kochi was spent locating snacks and liquids for our journey to Goa. Something which we knew we needed to prep for, as it wasn’t going to be an easy journey.

Next stop, Goa. Lots of love J&J XO


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