Gals in Galle…and other locations

Jungle Beach – Galle

‘Never stop wondering, never stop wandering’

Hi everyone, we are still alive and back with another little update.
The last we wrote, we were loving life on the beaches in Mirissa. Since then, we have made it to India, which, can I add, is absolutely another world. Another notable change is that we have been joined by the wrecking ball that is Cordy Lamble, so that will make for some interesting stories I’m sure.


Reunited with Lamble
Let’s go back a week…After our time in Mirissa we got a local bus to the absolutely stunning and super quaint town of ‘Unawatuna’ which is about a 10 minute drive from Galle on the south coast, where we spent our last four nights in Sri Lanka. This is probably my favourite place we have visited and it felt likes home from home – 100% would recommend to anyone thinking of visiting this breathtaking country.

One of these nights was spent with a tuk tuk driver we befriended named Bob and his bestie, Lorenzo, who took us to the carnival in Galle. We were absolutely the only white people there out of thousands and everyone and their drunk pal was trying to take pictures with us…just what our egos needed after a couple of weeks of filth. The carnival was pretty much your local town fair x1000000 with lots of rides and the addition of a massive live music stage and lots and lots of Lion beer. In true Peef gal style we danced with our new pals until we were politely ushered to the closing gates. A top night really. It turns out that Bob was trying to make a wife of Jazz and he continued to follow us around the area for the rest of our stay. I was all for the union, however, Jazz thought she shouldn’t just settle for the first chap to offer her a ride ;)…in his tuktuk.


Galle Carnival
Another notable fave was going to our first yoga lesson at ‘the secret garden’ which was recommended by the lovely Ghiselle. We obviously felt holier than thou after an hour of very sweaty stretching and vowed to only eat fruit and love our bodies inside and out…we later ate mounds of curry and Kottu and shared a shisha, so that all went to shit didn’t it!

Our guesthouse owner was again, so lovely. He even gave us some local delicacies first thing one morning…a hot, chunky, very savoury, questionably textured soup in a glass. The thought was there, the enjoyment was not. There was also the traditional sweet wrapped in a leaf… We ate the whole thing and were then informed you’re supposed to unwrap the sweet out of the leaf, no warning given, we had potentially poisoned ourselves. GREAT.


8 hours at Trivandrum airport.. the things we do to save a few pennies
So, here we are in India, with Cordy. After spending a night at the airport sleeping on cardboard we finally made the flight and have been landed in the middle of mayhem, praying that the world doesn’t fall out of our bum at any given moment. We stayed in Trivandrum (capital of Kerala) for three nights and explored the city by day and night. By day 8/10 beautiful with amazing gardens, museums and the beautiful beach in Kovalam, by night 2/10 survival of the fittest/most fearless. We are exaggerating a little, but it is absolutely crazy. The food however is literally amazing, we must have consumed litres of Ghee already.

Outside Napier Museum


School Trip
Today we travelled to the super chilled yogi retreat ‘Varkala’, a couple of hours from the little smoke of Trivandrum. It’s fairly geared up to the Western heards but it’s beautiful here and everything smells of incense rather than rotting rubbish. We plan on doing lots of yoga, swimming and eating and much less burning. 


Varkala Cliff
So that’s a little update of what your favourite idiots have been getting up to over the last week or so…and yes mums and dads, we have already drunk tap water and eaten salads…currently alive, stay tuned for any updates.

All of our love J&J XO


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