Arack, Elephants and a questionable rub down.


 “There are only two mistakes one can make on the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting ” Buddah 

Hi loved ones, from the lost ones.

Thought we would update you on our first week of our travels. It’s incredibly difficult for us to condense the last eight days into one blog post and don’t want to bore you so will try to keep this succinct, and summarise the events of each place we have visited so far.

After almost missing our train from Colombo to Kandy, we finally arrived and had our first crazy tuktuk ride to our hostel (thanks Hollis and Yannise for your recommendation). Kandy is a lovely city our highlights here include: 

1 – Meeting two lovely fun loving gals called Naomi and Lola who we later met up with in Mirrissa (see you in London)

2 – With the help of some friends, locating a ‘closed’ liquor store one evening, sliding between some metal shutters and entering what can only be described as a cave full of old drunk locals. Then being handed a bottle of ‘Arack’ and proceeding to drink under the stars with some Canadian chaps next to the temple of the tooth (no respect, terrible us).

We did do a little tour which was nice but the best part was learning to drive a tuktuk through the hills.


Next stop – Dambulla

We were genuinely spoilt wih our time here. The guesthouse we stayed at made us feel like family and we had the most amazing few days. The owner took us to ‘Polonnaruwa’ which is an ancient Sri Lankan city; to ‘Pidurangala’ which is essentially the poor mans version of ‘Sigiriya’ and is pretty much just a massive rock with insane views at the top, where we did some rock climbing. But the most amazing part of our stay here was being taken to see elephants in the wild. An experience that neither of us will ever forget.

N.b we thought we should probably mention the weirdest experience either have us ever had, let us briefly explain. Over here they have tourist traps …or what they call ‘herb and spice gardens’. Ah, the beauty of a herb and spice garden (not our first) where some locals talk you through a wild spice rack and no one really takes much interest. However, after our ‘tour’ we were taken into a dark, sweaty and danky room, and recieved an unwanted but compulsory massage with what can only be described as Vicks. Tears of laughter were streaming as we received a proper rub down. Jazz was not wearing a bra, which was pretty risqué for the company we were in, and my guy proceeded to go down the back of my leggings. Worst part: we had to pay for the fresh hell we endured. 

We are currently in Mirrisssa loving life on the beach, but the journey here must be what hell is like. 12 hours on trains, 24 hours with no food, 1 bottle of water, 1 very ill and smelly man, 1 crying Jess, 2 girls wih zero morale and 1 Bob Marley dealing tuktuk driver, let’s leave it at that and forget about it.

Tomorrow we head to the beautiful ‘Unawatuna’ beaches for some well deserved R&R. Hope you are all well in the UK and will update again soon J&J XO


3 thoughts on “Arack, Elephants and a questionable rub down.

  1. Fantastic !

    Life can be so magical line dancing amongst stars!

    Make sure you don’t fall off and occasionally kiss the ground you walk on

    Many blessings to both of you.

    Jessica I love you for who you are.



  2. AAAAAArrrh……….I just want to wrap you girls up in cotton wool and not let go ………..failing that…………enjoy life, people and places x x x x Life is for living, so go for it girls x x x


  3. Hi Jazz and Jess, I have just managed to locate your blog – no thanks to Wayne!! (Thanks Jazz).
    It sounds as if you are having a wonderful time.
    Stay away from wild pigs and dubious men giving Vick massages ……
    Looking forward to your next instalment. Have fun! xx


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