Getting Lost

“The problem is not the problem; the problem is your attitude about the problem” Captain Jack Sparrow

Jazz: GREETINGS, we are currently perched (Jess is scoffing carrot cake) in terminal three (the shit one) at Heathrow after being rejected from the executive lounges.  According to the timid shrew we had so rudely ignored as we flounced into the lounge, we were supposed to check-in and pay for their services.. Oops! Not the original concept we had in mind, where you could stroll in without an invitation, past security, sit yourself down and help yourself to the free food and drink. It was a solid no from them, and we were politely asked to leave. Sorry about us and our rucksacks, we thought it was a free for all. Despite this, we weren’t too taken aback as it was pretty humid and smelt like damp socks. We decided to treat ourselves to a meaty meal as we are becoming vegetarians for a couple of months. No not some mad fad but it is in fact to try and save ourselves from Delhi belly as much as possible. Not sure it’s going to help but you do what you can to avoid a lethal intake of Imodium.

Jess : Hi all- Of course we have gotten off to a great start. Issue #1, after arriving a hefty four hours early for the flight to keep ma’s and pa’s happy and of course being the first to check-in, we were smugly informed by some goblin, that our flight would be delayed by at least an hour. In true Jazz fashion, she turned around with her massive gob and shouted at all the other passengers ‘flights delayed, innit’. It’s fair to say that the temporary tone of trip has firmly been set, only partly due to jazzes usual lack of tact. However we still remain in good spirits and due to our 5 hour mini break in duty free we smell like actual Angels.

We will be aiming to post updates once a week but please don’t hold us to this as we are very busy and important, and consider ourselves better than you now as we are out here ‘finding ourselves’ whilst you all carry on being …what I like to call, ‘adults’. Signing off now, until next time. NEXT STOP SRI LANKA –  J&J XO


2 thoughts on “Getting Lost

  1. Ooooooow I love Thierry Mugler !!! hehe 🙂 Once boarded, sleep well girls and face the new day refreshed and WARM in the knowledge, we’ll all still be very cold here 😦 x x x love ya lots x x x


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